12½ X 11¼, clothbound, 144 pages
76 color plates including 21 spreads and 3 foldouts
34 b&w
ISBM 1-888536-21-7
Limited Edition

The volume presents a vast expanse material  that carries the art toward issues of global concern and delves deeply into the realities of war in affecting our lives. 
In conveying the scope and vision of the works and the passion and aspiration behind them, the book offers a spectrum through which to view full and double-page reproductions of some Kanso's most powerful and moving paintings on America, Vietnam, Lebanon, and the endless varieties of war and terror engulfing the planet. The intense expression of the human subject evokes ideas and visions that serve to animate the spirit and shed light on an important juncture of our time and space.  
The 76 represented paintings make their own argument and permit the viewer to come into direct contact without outside interference or interpretation.
Organized in seven parts embodying the motifs and forces that have shaped the vista of The Split of Life interrelated series of paintings, the books offers an extensive overview of Kanso's work and provides a direct insight into his art universe.

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